Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Metric System and King Hector's Tale

This image shows a mneumonic device for the units of the metric system. This is similar to the original King Henry tale, however, I changed some of the words to match the units of the metric system better. This makes it easier for students to remember. (i.e. hector-hectometer)

The chart can be created while telling the King Hector Tale below:

"King Hector was a jolly old English King most of the time. Even though metrics had been used in England for a long time, King Hector had difficulty converting between the different metric units. he had really become frustrated and confused. He felt, as a king, that he should be able to do alomst anything. He asked for help from all of the smart people in his kingdom. They tried hard, but without a lot of luck, until one of the great mathematicians, his daughter, in his kingdom came forward. She explained to King Hector that everything in metrics was done by either multiplying by 10 or dividing by 10 which is easy to do just by moving the decimal point. She explained how to convert between the units so well that King Hector was so excited he made up a chart to help others. They understood just as well and were excited too. His daughter was so proud of him so she made him a glass of dark chocolate milk, his favorite!"


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