Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Capacity Tale

Many kids struggle with converting between gallons, quarts, pints, cups, and ounces. The following tale and pictures make is easier for children to remember. At each step in the story, draw the next part of the picture. The images below the tale show each picture.

The Tale of the Land of Gallon

"Once upon a time there was a land far away called the Land of Gallon. In the Land of Gallon everyone measured in quarts, pints, and cups. The land was very, very big. The land was so big that there were four queens that ruled over the land. One queen lived in each corner of the very large land. So many people lived in the corners of the land that each of the four queens had one prince and princess that helped them rule over their corner of the land. The queens, princes, and princesses had so much to do in their large corner of the very large land that they had to have children to help them. As the prince and the princesses in each corner grew older, they each had two children, twins, to help them rule over the land. The twins were not allowed to help rule the land until they were eight years old. After the prince and princesses' children were eight years old, the land finally had enough people to rule over it. Then, the people that lived in the Land of Gallon lived happily ever after."

(close-up of cups step)

(close-up of ounces step)

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  1. Hello Math-tastic Mary,

    The design of your new learning math blog is fantastic and so are the visuals explaining the different concepts. Your blog will be a fun site for teachers and young (and adult) learners alike. I look forward to your continuing posts and new information.

    Joe Fahs